Welcome to the FAQ--here are some Frequently Asked Questions. 

(Well, "Frequently" might be overstating it a bit.  In fact, no one has ever directly asked me any of these questions.  I just thought they could be questions that people might want to know answers for.  I guess this should be the "QTPMWTKAF" page.  But how would *that* look on a banner?  It'd look ridiculous, is what it'd look like.  It only has one freaking vowel.  I'd have to design a larger banner to make everything fit.  I've got better things to do than muck about with the banner image just so I could have it say "Jeeshman's QTPMWTKAF.")

What is the purpose of this website?

I decided that in addition to the Thunderpoint Information Page, I'd create a new site devoted almost entirely to gaming so that Andy, Pat, Dan and Vess, dubbed by Stacie Eastman as the Merry Band Of Geeks, have access to information resources on the various games we like to geek out with.  Earlier gaming info was included as a "hidden" section of the Thunderpoint Page, and it was devoted solely to Neverwinter Nights.

Why shell out money on a different domain and create this site?  What was wrong with the old one?

Well, for one thing I felt bad about utilizing the www.thunderpoint.com site for my own personal stuff.  It's supposed to be a resource for all Eastmans, and I'm the only Eastman interested in page after page describing a Neverwinter Nights module that came entirely out of my brain (well, I suppose Andy is too, but that's only two out of a jillion Eastmans.  --Alright, Vess is a member of the family also so that's three, but... fuck off <g>).

Secondly, the website hosting company I chose for the thunderpoint.com website has proved itself to really, really suck ass in a serious way.  This website constitutes a "test" of a different webhosting company which so far has proved itself to be head and shoulders above thunderpoint's hoster.  For one thing, I get 250 MB of space here, as opposed to 50 MB on thunderpoint.  That will make posting NWN (and in a year and a half, NWN 2) modules much easier since I won't exceed my space limitations.  Also, although I'm not sure who the heck will want an email that ends with "jeeshman.com," I get unlimited email addresses here, whereas I'm limited to 25 with thunderpoint's hoster.  If this website hosting company turns out to be decent, I intend to transfer thunderpoint.com over to here and tell the old company to take a flying leap.

What the hell possessed you to register "jeeshman.com?"

I was trying to go for a website name that would be easy for the Merry Band Of Geeks to remember.  Since Dan and Pat called me "Jeeshman" throughout college, and the rest of you know me by that nickname by now, I figured that would be an easy one to type into an address bar. 

Plus, jeeshman.com was actually available.  I tried "mwbe.com," but apparently the Minority and Women-owned Business website already took it.  (Nowhere on their site do they explain what the "E" is for.  Apparently it's important to them to have an imaginary "E" at the end of their organization's name.)  I also tried "mbog.com" for Merry Band Of Geeks, but that one was already taken too.  As was cots.com (Clan Of The Sword), but that one would become less and less relevant as we move away from that particular storyline in NWN anyway, so I didn't seriously consider it.

Your website design is waaaay too nice-looking/tasteful/gay.  Why not just use the same style as the Neverwinter Nights page?

I always wanted to redesign the Thunderpoint Page.  This is the style I'm considering.  I'd appreciate your comments on whether you think it's a good design or not.

I can get a "jeeshman.com" email address?  How?

If I receive any interest in people getting a jeeshman email address, I'll set up an info page on it.  Shoot me an email and let me know what you'd like for the address.  (This is perhaps the only reason you might want such an address; there are no names 'taken' so you can have whatever you want.  Dan Kelley, for example, could have dan@jeeshman.com for an address.  Where else is he going to find that "dan" isn't taken yet?  He could even get christy@jeeshman.com, mitchell@jeeshman.com, and so on.  Or he could get enormous_penis@jeeshman.com since there's no filter for things like that.)  Note that none of those examples are actual email addresses at the moment, so sending a message there won't work.  But I'm guessing if anyone wants an email, it'd be one of the "thunderpoint.com" email addys, which also are available.

Why is there so many fucking expletives on this site?

Hey, I just slapped this together in about two hours and decided since initially only Dan, Pat, Vess and Andy would be viewing the thing, I'd go nuts and post whatever I wanted on the website.  I'll censor myself  if more people start hearing about the site or if you want to be able to let your significant others or children check it out.  But until then, I'm going to take advantage of being able to call people chicken fuckers.