Shaydu's Photo Page 2


I'm just sayin' that's a reaauhl big octopus, is all.

Varsoon the man was terrible, but Varsoon the interior decorator was faaaabulous.


Then one day, this level 40 femme named Verishu suddenly appeared at the Thundering Steppes Pier for no apparent reason.  I was about to strike up a conversation about her belly button, when...


...I realized she had a slimy prehensile longer than, well, me.


My vantage point at the back of the raid made me think of the term "clusterf*ck" for some reason.


"Hakuna Matata THIS!"


Jesus, Sheila.  Would it kill you to *eat something* once in a while?


Not going anywhere for a while?


You'd think we could just set the little bastard on fire.  But NO.







This is out of order, but I wanted to point out how much I hate this guy.


Well jeez, when you put it THAT way...






Here's one I took just 'cause of the facial hardware depicted.


And, finally, a cat and his horse.



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