Update 4/9/2005:  I updated the main EQ2 page with information about the latest patch.  And changed the picture.

Updates 3/14/2005:  I've uploaded a bunch of "avatars" for people to use when they post to the forums.  You can view a gallery of the avatars (which are simply small pictures that will appear next to your name in posts) by going to your "Profile" section and scrolling to the bottom of the page, where you'll find Avatar options, including a 'show gallery' option.  I think you'll find some of the Avatars interesting.  (I'm currently using the Hong Kong Phooie avatar, 'cause he's the Number One Super Guy.)

Updates 3/13/2005:  The second version of the Forums Page goes live (the first version was scrapped before anybody saw it).  The forum "Everquest 2" was created, with discussion categories on suggestions for Pat, old email conversations, group quest discussions and a general suggestions for the EQ2 Page category.  Miles, Pat, Dan, Andy and Vess were registered to post on the forums.   I started off some discussions in some of the categories and look forward to people posting replies!

Updates 3/11/2005:  Previous Information on the Home Page was moved to the newly-created "FAQ" Page.  The Everquest 2 Page was updated with Important News.  The Everquest 2 Forum is still under construction.